Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gluten Free Bisquick

Can I just say, my hubby makes the best gluten free pancakes for me using this mix. I love using it to make the impossible pies, but I had basically given up hope on having really tasty pancakes again, but this bisquick does the trick!! Love it!!!

My only wish was that the box was much larger for the price!! I always end up keeping two boxes on hand!

Soup Saver Trick

I learned a little trick this week and thought it would be great to share with readers. I can't believe I have been an adult this long and didn't know about this trick.

I made a pot of White chicken chili the other night and since my hubby was working he ate out, leaving and entire pot of chili with only me to eat. While I did like the soup there was no way I could eat a giant crockpot of soup by myself. I saw this trick online and it worked perfectly.

I have the silicone muffin pans, but I'm sure the metal ones would work too. I filled each muffin spot with a scoop of soup and placed them in the freezer over night. I then popped out the frozen soup and put it in a ziplock freezer bag. Now when I need a quick meal it can be popped into a coffee mug or bowl and heated in the microwave for a fast meal.  Super easy and fast. I filled 24 muffin spots and got a gallon size bag full of soup hockey pucks :). I did the same with the leftover chicken and noodles.  What a great way to save money and have less food go to waste! Give it a shot!

Noodles for Soup

Just wanted to let everyone know how well the Schar Pasta noodles hold up in soup. Every weekend my family has a dinner date with another family we love to spend time with and this week Brian made Chicken and Noodles from scratch (oh so yummy). He made the glutenous version for everyone but me. He made me my own special pot. He used the Schar Tagliatelle noodles. They were in the soup for over 2 hours and did not fall apart. It was down right tasty and felt fantastic to have the same thing as everyone else, but a slight alteration!

Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars

These are disgusting!! I took one bite and threw it away. It tastes like a really bad power bar. It should be noted I also do not like Lara bars for the same texture reason. I would never purchase these and am grateful a friend shared these so I could try them and I did not have to spend any money on them. She too did not like them and said if I didn't to throw them out!!! Save your money and spend it on something else thats yummy and gluten free.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best Caramel Apple Dip Ever!!

I haven't posted in a while, but I am back! I tried this apple dip this weekend. It is so good on apples or just off the spoon.

Cream Cheese
Caramel Apple Dip (in produce section)
Heath Bar Bits
1/2 C Brown Sugar.

Cream together cream cheese and brown sugar until smooth, fold in the caramel. Mix in the heath bits and you are done!!

Thats it - its so good!