Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go Picnic

My lunch today is a "Go Picnic".  I have to admit I was skeptical that enough food was going to be in that box to fill me up, but I tend to eat way more than I should. At 290 calories per box it is lower in sugar than most stuff and high in protein, however the sodium count is HIGH at 890 mg per box. I love the crackers in the Turkey Pepperoni Cheese Box, but I already knew that since I purchase them. I love the idea that you can have a whole meal in a small box to just throw in your bag or locker. They are very "portable". They even have a little sudoku game on the inside of the box. It's pretty tasty!

Mindful Delights - Again...yeah they need another post!

I am stoked. I was given one of the Mindful Delights Pie Crust to try. I will never buy another kind. I loved it. I love that it doesn't taste gluten free. I love that it isn't flaky, its just good. I made a banana cream pie, my husband and son gobbled it up! My hubby even asked if I was sure it was gluten free. It was in the freezer section at West Kimberly Rd Hy-Vee. The more of their products I try the more I like them.

I also got to try one of their chocolate cupcakes. They are also in the freezer section. I will be buying these as a treat for myself when I really need a chocolate fix. They are only $2.50 each and I think that's reasonable for the amazing flavor and texture of the cupcake. They are good sized!

I was also able to try the muffins. They are smaller than the cupcakes but priced almost the same. They are just not something I will buy.
Hyvee (West Kimberly) now has these items in stock. All items are in the Freezer section for optimum freshness.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Amy's Shortbread Cookies

I recently tried Amy's Shortbread Chocolate Chip cookies. I wasn't impressed. I like my cookies soft and chewy and moist. These fell apart in the package before I could even take the first cookie out. They are fragile. They taste like shortbread cookies with a minor gluten free after taste. Would I purchase these? Nope. I am glad I got to try them, but they were not something I overly enjoyed. If you want a crisp cookie the Pamela's are a better option.

Spread the Bread - Rudi's

Rudi's is doing their second Annual Spread the Bread Campaign in honor of Celiac Awareness Month (May). I know it's near the end of the month, but you can still help Rudi's by selecting which charity Rudi's will be donating a dollar to in exchange for you downloading a $1 off coupon for a Rudi's product. Sounds like a win/win to me! They donate the $1 and you get a $1 off your next Rudi's purchase.

To help them out go to their facebook page and follow the instructions...for ease here is the link
Rudi's Facebook Spread the Bread

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natural Nectar Choco Dream Rice Sticks

I am shocked to say I really liked these. I like that two is enough and doesn't leave me wanting more and they are only 58 calories per stick which is really good for a snack food containing chocolate. I liked the flavor and there is no gf taste at all. I highly recommend these. You can get them at Hy-Vee W Kimberly Rd and online.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mindful Delights

I was given some cookies to sample from my girl Theresa at Hyvee W Kimberly. They will be getting these products in next week. They are so tasty I was shocked. I tried the peanut butter cookie, the chocolate chip cookie and the almond biscotti.   My favorite was the chocolate chip cookie, but the peanut butter cookie was a close second. I didn't mind the biscotti, but it wasn't my top choice. I would give up a meal to be able to enjoy one each day. They are big cookies an individually packaged. I can't wait for Hyvee to get them in stock. You should absolutely give them a try.

Here is their website to check out all the products they offer - you can even purchase sample boxes for reasonable prices.

Mindful Delights

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Digest Spectrum

This pill seems like taboo. I was excited at the prospect and a little nervous at the same time. I was given the information by a co-worker whose friend takes enzyme supplements. She was diagnosed Celiac several years ago. She and I spoke via email about the enzymes that help digest gluten. She was told by a chiropractor to give them a try. She has said it is not 100% for her, but it does allow her to enjoy some of the things she misses like beer.

I don't have Celiac. I have a gluten intolerance and a severe msg allergy. I decided to give the supplement a shot. I was shocked. It seemed to work immediately. I take them with meals. I take them anytime I think I might ingest some gluten. I have enjoyed many gluten items on this supplement...however...its not a cure. I don't immediately run to the bathroom like I would have previously. I don't get a massive stomach ache for days. I do however get extremely tired.  I also just don't feel "right" for lack of a better word; I feel "off" from my norm which for me is completely gluten free. 

Are they a cure all - absolutely not.Can they help of you think you will be cross contaminated...perhaps. Try it at your own risk and speak to your physician, like I said I'm not a doctor nor do I have Celiac, so my testing of it won't cause me permanent harm, like someone who has Celiac.