Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MSG - the hidden gut tormentor!

This is the worst possible ingredient for me. MSG is by far a more violent reaction for me than gluten. Gluten gives me a stomach ache and all kinds of lingering affects, but MSG literally tears me up. It kills my stomach and makes an immediate and violent reappearance 10 minutes after ingesting (sorry TMI). It is awful. I try to avoid it like the plague. It's so difficult this time of year...its in EVERYTHING.

Pretty much anything that is packaged has to be checked for MSG. It angers me to no end! The most frustrating for me lately is packaged meat, like sausages (polish, smoked, or brats). When will the high end brands get on board and stop putting that and gluten into meat. It is not needed. Farmland and HyVee are both well aware of this nifty fact. Meat tastes just fabulous WITHOUT the added MSG. Now how in the world do I get companies like Johnsonville, Jimmy Dean and Eckert on board.

I have already accepted that things like that are prepackaged like Hamburger Helper (even gf) and gravies/prepackaged seasonsings are going to have it, but applaud those companies like McCormick's that go the extra step (or skip that extra step) to ensure there is no MSG added.

Know this holiday seasoning its lurking everywhere. Watch for it,I know I will be.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season...

Crackers are everywhere, but the gluten free ones are not the ones we want. I love crackers of all kinds...Ritz, Club, Saltines...I'm really not picky, so being GF really puts a kink in my cracker love.  I finally found a cracker I can use in place of Saltines...Glutino's Table Crackers are fantastic. They are not salted, but they still taste very similar to a saltine minus the salty. My other favorite crackers this time of year are the Nut Crackers - lightly salted. I also occasionally enjoy Crunch Master's Multi Grain GF cracker. I'm certain with all these brands to try you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teri's Gluten Free mixes

I had the fortunate luck to try a mix by Teri's Gluten Free Mixes that fit perfectly into my daily dose of pumpkin this time of year. Pumpkin brownies. It was simple to make and only used a couple eggs and water I think to add to the complete mix. Everything else was already in the mix. They have a booth at the West Kimberly Mall and can be ordered online.

Look for future updates as I have a few more things to test out in the coming weeks. So far I like the mixes and they don't have too many add ins to make them great value.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Honey Grahams

Oh Schar...I love you!! This is one of the best gluten free companies. I love everything of theirs I have tried. I just tried their honey grahams. They are great. There are several small packages in the larger box. They are great by themselves as well as dipped in the new Chocolate Silk by Jif. YUM! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


These aren't bad. They aren't great. They have a "bagged" taste. They don't have any weird taste. If I am buying dried fruit, I'd rather have it normally right out of a plastic bag, not a "chip bag. I wouldn't buy these, however my coworker did like them. He said he would eat them.

Everything Parmesan Crisps

These are weird. They leave a terrible taste in your mouth.  I tried to eat them with my lunch like the cracker portion of my meal, it was disgusting. I would not buy these. They are very crumbly. I do not like them. They are very strong tasting much like eating parmesan straight would be, but more concentrated. I also gave these to my coworkers to try, again they all agreed with my opinion.

Emmy's Choco Orange Macaroons

These are not appetizing. They look like dog treats. They have a horrible after taste. I am not a fan of chocolate and orange together, but was open to trying it. I would not buy them. Even my gluten eating coworkers did not like these.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lucy's Brownie Cakes

Lucy's Brownie Cakes are not too bad. I like that they taste normal. I prefer my brownies though a little chewy. These aren't hard, but have a "crunchier" outside. They kind of crumble when you bite into them. They come wrapped by two. The serving size is 1 bite, so if you eat both, its two servings.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cup 4 Cup Flour

This stuff is amazing! It really is a cup for cup exchange! I have used it in homemade zucchini bread. It was fantastic. It is a bit pricey at $16/bag for 3 pounds, but worth every cent. Give it a shot. I bought mine at Hyvee West Kimberly.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gluten Free Beergarita Recipe

It's a margarita with a beer in it. It's fantastic.
1 can frozen limeaide
1 can Tequila ( I use Silver)
1 can 7 up
1 Gluten Free Beer (I used New Grist)

Its so tasty!

Domino's Gluten Free Pizza

I just recently tried it. It's fantastic! It's made in a common kitchen so its not acceptable for celiacs, but it works for those of us that are gluten intolerant. I had a sausage and pepperoni. I really liked the crust. It was $12 for the 10" size, which I thought was about the same price as the other places that offer gf pizza. It is one of the top three for me.
1) Happy Joe's
2) Dominos
3) Biaggi's

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go Picnic

My lunch today is a "Go Picnic".  I have to admit I was skeptical that enough food was going to be in that box to fill me up, but I tend to eat way more than I should. At 290 calories per box it is lower in sugar than most stuff and high in protein, however the sodium count is HIGH at 890 mg per box. I love the crackers in the Turkey Pepperoni Cheese Box, but I already knew that since I purchase them. I love the idea that you can have a whole meal in a small box to just throw in your bag or locker. They are very "portable". They even have a little sudoku game on the inside of the box. It's pretty tasty!

Mindful Delights - Again...yeah they need another post!

I am stoked. I was given one of the Mindful Delights Pie Crust to try. I will never buy another kind. I loved it. I love that it doesn't taste gluten free. I love that it isn't flaky, its just good. I made a banana cream pie, my husband and son gobbled it up! My hubby even asked if I was sure it was gluten free. It was in the freezer section at West Kimberly Rd Hy-Vee. The more of their products I try the more I like them.

I also got to try one of their chocolate cupcakes. They are also in the freezer section. I will be buying these as a treat for myself when I really need a chocolate fix. They are only $2.50 each and I think that's reasonable for the amazing flavor and texture of the cupcake. They are good sized!

I was also able to try the muffins. They are smaller than the cupcakes but priced almost the same. They are just not something I will buy.
Hyvee (West Kimberly) now has these items in stock. All items are in the Freezer section for optimum freshness.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Amy's Shortbread Cookies

I recently tried Amy's Shortbread Chocolate Chip cookies. I wasn't impressed. I like my cookies soft and chewy and moist. These fell apart in the package before I could even take the first cookie out. They are fragile. They taste like shortbread cookies with a minor gluten free after taste. Would I purchase these? Nope. I am glad I got to try them, but they were not something I overly enjoyed. If you want a crisp cookie the Pamela's are a better option.

Spread the Bread - Rudi's

Rudi's is doing their second Annual Spread the Bread Campaign in honor of Celiac Awareness Month (May). I know it's near the end of the month, but you can still help Rudi's by selecting which charity Rudi's will be donating a dollar to in exchange for you downloading a $1 off coupon for a Rudi's product. Sounds like a win/win to me! They donate the $1 and you get a $1 off your next Rudi's purchase.

To help them out go to their facebook page and follow the instructions...for ease here is the link
Rudi's Facebook Spread the Bread

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natural Nectar Choco Dream Rice Sticks

I am shocked to say I really liked these. I like that two is enough and doesn't leave me wanting more and they are only 58 calories per stick which is really good for a snack food containing chocolate. I liked the flavor and there is no gf taste at all. I highly recommend these. You can get them at Hy-Vee W Kimberly Rd and online.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mindful Delights

I was given some cookies to sample from my girl Theresa at Hyvee W Kimberly. They will be getting these products in next week. They are so tasty I was shocked. I tried the peanut butter cookie, the chocolate chip cookie and the almond biscotti.   My favorite was the chocolate chip cookie, but the peanut butter cookie was a close second. I didn't mind the biscotti, but it wasn't my top choice. I would give up a meal to be able to enjoy one each day. They are big cookies an individually packaged. I can't wait for Hyvee to get them in stock. You should absolutely give them a try.

Here is their website to check out all the products they offer - you can even purchase sample boxes for reasonable prices.

Mindful Delights

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Digest Spectrum

This pill seems like taboo. I was excited at the prospect and a little nervous at the same time. I was given the information by a co-worker whose friend takes enzyme supplements. She was diagnosed Celiac several years ago. She and I spoke via email about the enzymes that help digest gluten. She was told by a chiropractor to give them a try. She has said it is not 100% for her, but it does allow her to enjoy some of the things she misses like beer.

I don't have Celiac. I have a gluten intolerance and a severe msg allergy. I decided to give the supplement a shot. I was shocked. It seemed to work immediately. I take them with meals. I take them anytime I think I might ingest some gluten. I have enjoyed many gluten items on this supplement...however...its not a cure. I don't immediately run to the bathroom like I would have previously. I don't get a massive stomach ache for days. I do however get extremely tired.  I also just don't feel "right" for lack of a better word; I feel "off" from my norm which for me is completely gluten free. 

Are they a cure all - absolutely not.Can they help of you think you will be cross contaminated...perhaps. Try it at your own risk and speak to your physician, like I said I'm not a doctor nor do I have Celiac, so my testing of it won't cause me permanent harm, like someone who has Celiac.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Greatest Grains GF Day

Greatest Grains will be hosting a GF Day and GF cooking class on March 31. The QC Celiac Group will have an information table at this event, Donna Renneke and Connie Meyer will be at the information table. I will be there doing a demo/sampling for Namaste Foods. I will have Mexican Goulash made from Namaste Taco Pasta Meal.

Believe you must pre-register for the cooking classes. Call them today to sign up 563-323-7521

Silvis Hy-vee

Silvis Hy-vee will be hosting a gluten free event from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 24th, 2012. There will be new and old products to try and recipes to take home. Stop by and check it out.

Any questions contact the store Dietitian Nikki Putnam at

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WOW Cookies

My Hy-Vee got something amazing in and I got to sample it today...they are so dang good. I would buy a bag, but I have no willpower - I would eat the whole bag...wanna know what they are? You know you do...

Lemon Burst Cookies by WOW Baking Company. These cookies are awesome. They are moist and chewy, no more hard gluten free cookies. They have no after taste at all.

My Hy-vee (W Kimberly Rd) has several different kinds of cookies in this line. Give them a try today!!!

Chocolate Inspirations

I was contacted via email by Chocolate Inspirations to see if I would sample some of their gluten free chocolates...OK...twist my arm!!!

I was sent a box of goodies to try (of course during my diet). The first thing I tried was a Peanut Butter Pillow. It reminded me a very large piece of Butterfinger,but chewier.  It wasn't my favorite. Next I tried "Michael's Chocolate Combo with Pretzel. It was awesome, when that sample was done, I was hoping for another one in the box. Today I tried The Cinnamon Toast Toffee - it was my least favorite. It tastes fine I am just not a big cinnamon fan. Last but certainly not least, I inhaled tried a sample of English Toffee. It was pretty dang tasty. I was happy no one at my house wanted a bite, I'm not sure I would have shared.

All of Chocolate Inspirations products are gluten free.  Check out their website for more great products they offer and maybe a find a new place to get all your chocolate fixes.

Chocolate Inspirations

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuffed Chicken Breast

This is one of those simple recipes that makes a great meal.Groceries you will need:  chicken breasts, cream cheese, bacon, frozen spinach (thawed and drained).

I pounded out the chicken to 1/4" thickness. Spread cream cheese on it, topped with thawed spinach then roll it up and wrap a piece of raw bacon around it secure that bacon with a couple tooth picks and Put it in a greased pan. Continue the same thing with the rest of your chicken.

I baked mine at 350 for 40 minutes until juices run clear and then turn on the broiler for 5 minutes on high to crisp the bacon.

My husband LOVED this. It was so simple. It required no extra seasoning. I served it with stuffed yellow peppers also wrapped in bacon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hateva Almond Pudding

I was given this pudding to try. I tried the sugar free version. It tastes nothing like normal pudding. The texture is simliar. It was not bad, but not the same as JELLO pudding for sure.  It has a good texture. I didn't have to choke it down. There are only two individual cups in the package so its $3 price tag is pretty pricey for what you  get.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss Ruth's Sweet Treats

Miss Ruth's Sweet Treats 
Ruth Flynn
5911 Louis Ct
Davenport, IA

Ruth is a woman who does an amazing job with gluten free baking. She makes so many different products that she has something
to fit everyone's gluten free needs. I can definitely say her cupcakes are the best gluten free cupcakes
I have ever tasted. My favorite is the strawberry with strawberry frosting, however the lemon was pretty fantastic too. I asked Ruth to give me 
a list of items she makes for her gluten free customers and I'm astounded by the number of things she makes. 

Here is the current things she bakes for customers:
Cupcakes: Strawberry, pumpkin pie, chocolate, yellow and red velvet.
Breads: pumpkin and banana bread
Pies: Pumpkin and apple
Breakfast: waffles and pancakes
Cookies: Monster, chocolate chip, and orange oatmeal
Brownies, Pumpkin bars, and cream cheese brownies
Last but certainly not least....cheese cake.

I highly recommend her for all your baking needs. Her prices are very reasonable. I cannot wait for my birthday because my hubby has already been instructed
that I want nothing less than cupcakes from Miss Ruth. Give her a call or send her an email, she is very accommodating!

Gluten Free Tasting at Bettendorf Hy-Vee February 26th

 HealthMarket: Gluten-Free Gala  Bettendorf Hy-Vee  
 2900 Devils Glen Road, Bettendorf

Bettendorf Hy-vee is hosting a gluten free tasting from 12-4 p.m this Sunday.
Feel free to also stop by the Wine & Spirits to try gluten free beer.
These events are so helpful to all gluten free customers, where else do you get to try expensive 
products before you buy them! Take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ban Deoderant...gluten really?!

I was shocked recently to find that my Ban deodorant has barley in it. Barley. I was extremely frustrated, but that would explain the painful bumps in my armpits.  This also gave me a real reason to try to make my own deodorant. My sister had tried it and liked it, but I was reluctant. I didn't want to stink. Finally I caved when I for some reason felt compelled to read the back of the Ban stick. YIKES!
I went to the Crunchy Betty site and followed the instructions. I bought the Coconut Oil (which I love and will never be without again) at Hy-Vee W Kimberly. The essential oils I bought at Greatest Grains for about $6/each, but they are a big bottle. I already had cornstarch and baking soda. Simple. I used spearmint and orange essential oils.
I mixed it all together in a mixing cup and put some in a small container to apply with my fingers and decided to put some in an old deodorant container. I was pleasantly surprised. The next day the mixture had solidified enough to use it out of the deodorant container. It gets slightly melty after the first armpit because the body heat warms it up. It smells amazing. I told my husband that I smell like I'm smuggling breath mints in my "pits". He laughed, but agreed. It has been almost a week with using only this deodorant - so far no stink. I even worked out twice and nothing. I still smell fresh and minty clean.
It took me about 5 minutes to mix it up. Verdict: totally worth it!  Plus it protects me from the aluminium in the deodorants too.
I told my sister now that I'm making my own laundry detergent (love it) and my own dish washer detergent (love it) and now my own deodorant I feel very "green".

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fastest GF Dinner in a while

So my husband and I are eating healthy - really healthy!!! We love Shrimp, but I never really know a good way to fix them other than to wrap bacon around them and well let's face it that's not quite healthy. So I found a very simple recipe making them on the stove. They are done in 5 minutes. We ate them with grilled asparagus on the George Foreman Grill, but you could eat them with whatever side you enjoy.

Thaw the Raw Shrimp if they are frozen
Add two tablespoons of coconut oil
add a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic
let those two items cook up a bit until it starts to brown
add crushed red pepper flakes (to your taste)
dash of pepper
let it cook for another minute and its done.

Look at all the new GF Items

Hyvee West Kimberly has been busy adding new items for us to enjoy!!!!

Frozen Section

Amys Chocolate Cake
Wild Alaska Salmon Burgers
French Meadow Yellow Cupcakes –frosted (they come 4 in a box) very decorative and delicious – perfect for a birthday party or take to a luncheon
Add some sprinkles for fun.
Maryland Crab Cake Bites
Salmon Cake Bites
French Meadow Fudge Brownies
French Meadow Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mix
Glutino Pizza – spinach and feta cheese
Amy's Sandwich rounds

We now carry the Just Bee Gluten Free bread and mixes

Almond Milk Pudding cups – sugar free also available 
3 flavors also available in Rice pudding

Cook Simple Meals –
Cowboy Chili – New Orleans Jambalaya – Tamale Pie (just add whatever meat choices you prefer)  The rest of the ingredients are included.
Beef Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Bobo's Oat Bars – 3 new flavors
Just Tomatoes – freeze dried fruits and vegetables – also available in organic

Schar has added 2 new  bread items – Multigrain Schar Ciabatta Rolls – Deli Style Bread

Five new flavors of Vita Coco Coconut Water
Organic India – Tulsi Tea – a new line we have ordered
Flax milk – new - dairy free – lactose free – soy free – gluten free – available in three flavors and Omega 3's
Mama Chia drinks – 2 flavors – 2500 mg of omega three
Stop in and see Teresa in the Health Market she is wonderful and can guide you thru the gluten free section of the store as well as navigate the health market. They have done so much for those customers with special food needs it is worth the trip for anyone with food allergies.

Utica Ridge Hyvee Gala is coming soon...

 2nd Annual Utica Ridge Hy-Vee Gluten-Free Gala
Thursday, March 8th from 3-6 p.m. 
It will be in the same location as last year, near our HealthMarket entrance.  They will have recipes prepared for sampling as well as packaged items to try.  Judy from Real Appeal Inc (a baking mix product line) will be here with samples of her shortbread cookies, sweet breads and recipes from her website.  There will be individually wrapped samples to take home and try as well.  A great chance to find new items or try others that may be new to you!

Rudi's Bakery Giveaways

I received an email from Rudi's about their month giveaways. There are only two weeks left to get in on these potential prizes. Check out the info from the email listed below:
"I wanted to share the latest uplifting program Rudi's Gluten-Free has put together for its gluten-free following. To help gluten-free food lovers enjoy life and start living on the bright side, we've pulled together four full weeks of daily giveaways that will add a big smile to the face of gluten-free fans everywhere.Beginning in February, you and your readers can log on to the Rudi's Gluten-Free Facebook page ( each day and enter for the chance to win a Cuisinart toaster, Crofter's Organic jams, a Kodak digital camera, Rudi's Gluten-Free products and other fun-filled prizes to celebrate a fun and healthy gluten-free life."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Up Biscuits

Ohmygoodness these are amazing. I used GF Bisquick. I only made half the recipe. It made 5 big biscuits. I am so glad I didn't make a full batch. They did not get fluffy. I think it was the Bisquick or that I used diet pop. I'm not sure. I changed it just a bit

7 Up Biscuits

I used the same amount of sour cream and diet 7 up as the recipe calls for but only 1 cup of Bisquick. I cooked them 15-20 minutes at 450  they were so good. There are NONE left. Dang it. I can't make these very often. I just can't stop eating them.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rock Island Hy-Vee Gluten Free Gala Mark your Calendars


Tuesday, January 17th
4:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Rock Island Hy-Vee

• Gluten-free specialties by
Chef Craig
• Product samples before you buy
• Gluten-free beer tasting in
Wine & Spirits
• Talk to your registered dietitian

Contact Chrissy Watters at
309‑793‑0684 or cwatters@hy‑
for more information.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Smokies

OH YUM!!! I made these for NYE too, they didn't last with everyone sneaking them as I was cooking. They are super easy. I use Weimer's little smokes because they are gluten free and MSG free. These are time consuming but worth every second. I cooked them ahead and then kept them warm in the crockpot on "warm".


GF Sausage Balls

I made these yesterday for New Years Eve dinner -- we did appetizers. They were fantastic. All I did was substitute GF Bisquick for the real stuff. I added a bit more milk too. It makes a big batch, so I froze half. My gluten eating hubby and friends all loved the. They were tasty heated up for breakfast too. YUM!

Sausage Balls