Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have avoided buying this product because of the price. It is steep. As I watch my calories I find I need to cut out certain things, but I love peanut butter. It is a calorie hog. Rarely can a person just eat a little bit of peanut butter. I like a big heaping spoon full usually with chocolate syrup on top (don't judge). I wanted to add Peanut Butter to smoothies and protein shakes without killing the caloric bank. I decided to try the little packets. I loved it. I decided to buy a jar. The smallest jar was still pretty steep at $5.99 when a jar of regular natural peanut butter was less than that cost wise and a bigger container. I found as long as I only used it for my morning oats and used 1/2 serving it has lasted a couple weeks. It is well worth it for the price and lower calories.

Chia Seeds

How did I not know about these amazing little seeds? I had seen the commercials for Chia Pets, but never considered eating the seeds. They are super healthy...who knew?! They are pricy little buggers, but so worth it. They basically absorb liquid and make you feel full adding some texture to foods at the same time. I have used these little gems daily for the past month. They work well at making you "regular" sorry TMI. They do not really have a taste.
I have used them in Yogurt and I now use them daily in my Overnight Oats. LOVE THEM!

The people of the ancient Aztec and Incan empires revered chia seeds as vital nourishment.These mighty non-gluten seeds, packed with Omega-3, protein, rare antioxidants, and fiber, are making a strong comeback in the 21st century. Enjoy them on yogurt or oatmeal or in baked goods or smoothies. Try soaking 2 Tbsp of chia seed for 5 minutes in 3-4 oz of water to produce a nutritious chia gel that can be added to hundreds of recipes. There is no need to grind chia

Nature's Valley Protein Bars

As more and more companies try to align their products with the needs of the gluten free community I am at times thrill and at other times completely skeptical. I used to love Nature's Valley granola bars as a child. I loved that they were sweet and healthy, but they were so crumbly and hurt my stomach I rarely ate them. Fast forward to my adult gluten free years and now they have created a gluten free Protein bar that is kept in the "normal food" section with other granola bars. I love this product. I enjoy the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter one the best, but enjoy the salted caramel one too. I have found this product in large sized packages at Sam's club too. Realize they have a lot of products that contain gluten, so you still must always read the label to make sure the product will fit your needs.

 Nature Valley

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs

Welcome to the Gluten Free world Pepperidge Farms. I have not tried this product yet, but was emailed from the Celiac group that they had found these products at local Walmart and Fareway stores. As always check the product label to ensure that you are getting the gluten free version. Goldfish Puffs

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cytosport Monster Milk Protein Powder

I emailed them and they were good enough to send me a free sample. Thanks Cytosport!! I didn't mind the flavor of the protein, the mix-ability isn't as good as my Nectar Protein. It was pretty chunky. I mixed it with a small hand mixer. I mixed it with Vanilla Almond Milk. I wouldn't be as likely to buy this as the pre workout drink. I did like that. I had a stomach ache after having it, so I'm not sure if it was the protein power or a bug.

Nature's Path Gluten Free Granola Bars

I buy these at Target - they are reasonably priced for Granola bars. They are not big bars, but enough to hold you over if you are between meals. I like both version they have a peanut version and dark chocolate chip version. I tend to buy the Dark Chocolate one more often. They are tasty and great to throw in my gym bag for an after workout snack to hold me over til my next meal. I have been known to eat one with my coffee for breakfast too.

EVOL Products

I just tried the chicken burrito for lunch. I got a bunch of stuff at Target today, they have really stepped up when it comes to gluten free frozen meals. The chicken burrito was tasty. It fell apart just like a brown rice tortilla always does, but the flavor more than made up for it. I would definitely buy them again. It will make it easy to take to work.

Check out their site for more product info:


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cafe Indigo

Gotta give my favorite breakfast spot a little moment in the sun...they have gluten free toast now. Ohhh how much I love the breakfast here. I love that everything is made fresh to order. I love that I am never rushed for ordering or finishing my coffee. When you eat here expect to spend a bit extra time, but know your food will be totally worth it.

I like lunch and dinner there too, but breakfast is my favorite.  They have gluten free options at every meal, just let them know your needs. If you are planning in advance give them a call so they can make sure you are well taken care of when you visit.

Cafe Indigo

Gluten Free Pre-Workout Drink

I emailed Cytosport and asked them for some free samples. They hooked me up! So far this is the only product I have tried. I normally use a different pre-workout drink that I love.  I had the pomegranate berry flavored drink.  It was a very mild taste. It mixed well in a regular water bottle. I liked it. It was something I would buy.

Ganson's Gluten Free Bakery

This place rocks. They now have a certified gluten free facility and  you can find their products at many local stores in the QCA. They have amazing cakes and goodies. Oh so yummy. If you have a chance stop by their cafe in Rock Island, you won't be disappointed. Have the really...have it! You won't regret it.

Check out their menu here: