Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MSG - the hidden gut tormentor!

This is the worst possible ingredient for me. MSG is by far a more violent reaction for me than gluten. Gluten gives me a stomach ache and all kinds of lingering affects, but MSG literally tears me up. It kills my stomach and makes an immediate and violent reappearance 10 minutes after ingesting (sorry TMI). It is awful. I try to avoid it like the plague. It's so difficult this time of year...its in EVERYTHING.

Pretty much anything that is packaged has to be checked for MSG. It angers me to no end! The most frustrating for me lately is packaged meat, like sausages (polish, smoked, or brats). When will the high end brands get on board and stop putting that and gluten into meat. It is not needed. Farmland and HyVee are both well aware of this nifty fact. Meat tastes just fabulous WITHOUT the added MSG. Now how in the world do I get companies like Johnsonville, Jimmy Dean and Eckert on board.

I have already accepted that things like that are prepackaged like Hamburger Helper (even gf) and gravies/prepackaged seasonsings are going to have it, but applaud those companies like McCormick's that go the extra step (or skip that extra step) to ensure there is no MSG added.

Know this holiday seasoning its lurking everywhere. Watch for it,I know I will be.

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