Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Kind Bars

There are new flavors people...new flavors indeed.

I was given the Dark Chocolate Chile flavor to try and enjoyed it. Wasn't too spicy, just enough of an after burn to taste awesome with the dark chocolate. I would buy this bar.

I also tried the new apple pecan flavor, while not my favorite, it was still decent.  Because I'm particular to my favorites I wouldn't purchase this one over the other three top pics I have which are: Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and the Dark Chocolate Chile. Sensing a trend yet?

They can get you thru any hunger phase that gets you buy til a meal. I eat them as an afternoon snack or before/after a workout (not both).

There are so many to try I'm sure you can find a favorite. I buy mine at Hy-Vee on West Kimberly, but you can get them anywhere it seems including health food stores, Walmart, and on amazon. I like the open selection Hy-vee has so I can buy individual bars instead of  whole case (they will sell a whole case).

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