Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iowa Machine Shed 2/20/11

Tonight my husband and I decided to try Iowa Machine Shed out again since I had recently heard they offered a gluten free menu now.

I asked the hostess who was grabbing menus if they had an actual gluten free menu, I was met with a yes we do as she grabbed one for me. Its a piece of computer paper and it has the items listed by meal time. Our waitress was fantastic, she payed attention to what I wanted/needed and tried her best to accommodate me.

We went at dinner time and since I had a steak prepared at home last night I opted for the Tangy Tenderloin. I was nervous. They do not list the ingredients, so the menu saying "spiced sausage" made me apprehensive. It seems fine, I haven't gotten sick yet. I had sweet potato fries at as my side.

It was a bit pricey for my liking at $12 for two small portions of tenderloin and sweet potato fries it seemed a bit much, the portions on the glutenous item my husband got was very small too. We ended up stopping for an ice cream on the way home. Overall the meal was fine and tasted okay. It wasn't exceptional, but was tasty enough. I told my husband this is the first time I have left the Machine Shed disappointed, not really unhappy or anything to complain about, just disappointed in the portion vs. price.

There are plenty of options on this gluten free menu to appeal to even picky eaters.  We will probably go back, but we like them better for breakfast than dinner. Machine shed breakfast is never a disappointment.

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