Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looking for Gluten free Sweet Treats this Holiday Season?

Look no further than Davenport. Miss Ruth's Sweet Treats is located in Davenport. A cake and cupcakes that were made by Ruth were brought to the Celiac Thanksgiving. They were nothing short of amazing.

The cake was a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and the cupcake I inhaled ate was a lemon cupcake with lemon frosting. They were fantastic. There was no "gluten free" taste that you get from boxed mixes. Everyone was raving about them. I can't wait to convince my husband to contact her for my very own cake so I don't have to share it with anyone (bad...I know,but try it you will see why).

I contacted Ruth and she was more than willing to let me put her info on the site so you can easily contact her. She told me she makes a "variety of GF goodies...Cookies, Cakes, cupcakes, bars, quick breads, waffles and a few more items.  I've been baking GF for almost 8 years.  Hard to believe.  It's a passion/love for me.
I also do some sugar free/dairy free baking as well."

Her contact Info is as follows:
Miss Ruth's Sweet Treats
Baker: Ruth Flynn
5911 Louis Ct
Davenport, IA

Give her a try, you won't be disappointed!!

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