Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Digest Spectrum

This pill seems like taboo. I was excited at the prospect and a little nervous at the same time. I was given the information by a co-worker whose friend takes enzyme supplements. She was diagnosed Celiac several years ago. She and I spoke via email about the enzymes that help digest gluten. She was told by a chiropractor to give them a try. She has said it is not 100% for her, but it does allow her to enjoy some of the things she misses like beer.

I don't have Celiac. I have a gluten intolerance and a severe msg allergy. I decided to give the supplement a shot. I was shocked. It seemed to work immediately. I take them with meals. I take them anytime I think I might ingest some gluten. I have enjoyed many gluten items on this supplement...however...its not a cure. I don't immediately run to the bathroom like I would have previously. I don't get a massive stomach ache for days. I do however get extremely tired.  I also just don't feel "right" for lack of a better word; I feel "off" from my norm which for me is completely gluten free. 

Are they a cure all - absolutely not.Can they help of you think you will be cross contaminated...perhaps. Try it at your own risk and speak to your physician, like I said I'm not a doctor nor do I have Celiac, so my testing of it won't cause me permanent harm, like someone who has Celiac.

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