Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mindful Delights - Again...yeah they need another post!

I am stoked. I was given one of the Mindful Delights Pie Crust to try. I will never buy another kind. I loved it. I love that it doesn't taste gluten free. I love that it isn't flaky, its just good. I made a banana cream pie, my husband and son gobbled it up! My hubby even asked if I was sure it was gluten free. It was in the freezer section at West Kimberly Rd Hy-Vee. The more of their products I try the more I like them.

I also got to try one of their chocolate cupcakes. They are also in the freezer section. I will be buying these as a treat for myself when I really need a chocolate fix. They are only $2.50 each and I think that's reasonable for the amazing flavor and texture of the cupcake. They are good sized!

I was also able to try the muffins. They are smaller than the cupcakes but priced almost the same. They are just not something I will buy.
Hyvee (West Kimberly) now has these items in stock. All items are in the Freezer section for optimum freshness.

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