Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nature's Valley Protein Bars

As more and more companies try to align their products with the needs of the gluten free community I am at times thrill and at other times completely skeptical. I used to love Nature's Valley granola bars as a child. I loved that they were sweet and healthy, but they were so crumbly and hurt my stomach I rarely ate them. Fast forward to my adult gluten free years and now they have created a gluten free Protein bar that is kept in the "normal food" section with other granola bars. I love this product. I enjoy the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter one the best, but enjoy the salted caramel one too. I have found this product in large sized packages at Sam's club too. Realize they have a lot of products that contain gluten, so you still must always read the label to make sure the product will fit your needs.

 Nature Valley

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