Monday, March 14, 2011

Kyocel - Psyillm Husks

I had never really tried to find a form of fiber until recently. I decided to try The Belly Fat Cure with my husband after buying the book. It suggests a fiber supplement and probiotics. I knew Benefiber contained wheat, even though it supposedly has so little they can label it gluten free, that does not make me feel better. I found the Konsyl at Walmart it is listed as gluten free and it contains only psyllium husks. Its similar to Metamucil, only its not flavored and has no added sugar, which is a huge plus on the belly fat cure.

The basic idea behind the belly fat cure is to limit sugar intake to 15 grams a day since the average person takes in 47 tsps a day...WOW! That's a lot of sugar. When I started to pay attention to the things my family and I were eating it was easy to see that everything had sugar or Splenda or aspartame in it. All these things are shown to lead to belly fat.  The diet is similar to Atkins, except you get to have 6 servings (one serving is 20 grams) of carbohydrates each day.

I have had stomach issues since I was 13 and it seems with the belly issue comes a layer of protective "cushion" to prevent me from starving to death if I ever get as sick as I was in high school - at least that's my assumption. I am hoping this is the "key" removing all the sugar I LOVE from my diet at least for a while.

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