Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Low Carb Gluten Free Pizza

I made this tonight for dinner. It was fantastic. My whole family enjoyed it. I found it on food.com which is a site where I find all kinds of gluten free items. Anyway, I made the crust in a 15x9 pan that was sprayed with Pam. I cooked the cheese before adding the egg mixture, then baked at 375 for 20 minutes. After it baked and I felt it was "done enough" the sides were getting dark, so I wanted to make sure it didn't burn. I topped it with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, ground turkey (browned) and green peppers. It was quick and easy and I had everything but the heavy cream on hand. I substituted milk and butter for cream, it seemed to work fine.

This is definitely something we will eat again. It is probably not the lowest calorie thing, but not the worst! It has basically no carbs. It has no msg and no gluten!

Check out the full RECIPE here. Let me know if you found way to make the "crust" crispier. I used a bigger pan to make the crust thinner. My gluten eating hubby gave it two thumbs up!

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