Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Easiest Dessert EVER!

I had these once at work and couldn't believe how much they tasted just like salted nut rolls. I found that all the peanuts at the store have MSG in them to help with "flavor". That isn't helpful those of us who are sensitive to MSG. I found that Trader Joe's has them without MSG. I bought 3 bags when I went to the Trader Joe's in West Des Moines a few weeks ago. Here is the recipe. It's fast and easy!!

Salted Nut Roll Bars

3 cups (1lb jar) dry roasted peanuts
2 cups peanut butter chips (more than a 12 oz pkg)
1 can eagle sweetened condensed milk
3 cups mini marshmallows

Butter a 9X13 pan - line with 1 1/2 cups nuts

Melt other ingredients in a double boiler and spread over nuts.  Top with the rest of the nuts and lightly press nuts into top of mixture.  Chill and keep in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

When ready - cut and eat.

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