Monday, December 20, 2010

Mj's Has Sushi!!

MJ's in Davenport has awesome sushi. They still have all their full Asian food menu too. I love sushi. I have found I prefer MJ's to the other local sushi joints because they use pieces of fish in the spicy tuna/salmon rolls instead of a "fish paste". They do put a dark colored sauce on top, I am fairly certain its made with soy sauce, but its so tasty, I usually just suffer through, but I'm not Celiac. I just suffer for a few days and I'm over it. They have lots of specialty rolls too, we have yet to find a roll we don't like. I wouldn't say they are a gluten free restaurant, but you can definitely find something to suit your needs. They are located on West Locust near Happy Joes. I find there is a language barrier most of the time, but the people who own/work it are very nice and just want to please their customers!! If all else fails, you could always get sashami.

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