Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneaky Pete's

We ate at Sneaky Pete's in LeClaire, IA with a large group of friends on Saturday night. They have a limited menu. They offer plenty for a gluten free person. We got there a bit early and when we were seated I asked our server if they had a GF menu, she replied no, but one of our cooks has to follow a gluten free diet, so he is really good about cooking things so a gluten free person is safe. I felt better immediately.
I ordered Salmon with only salt/pepper seasoning and a baked potato. It comes with salad bar, I brought my own dressing so I wouldn't get sick from the MSG. I ate everything, it was fantastic. It was $13.95 for my meal, but I did not get sick and will definitely go back to Sneaky Pete's. If you are looking for a decent place on the Mississippi River with excellent food, give them a try.

Check out their website for directions and info to contact them with questions. They do not have a full listing of the menu online.

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