Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have to admit I am not a huge yogurt fan. I like that they are labeling them gluten free consistently. I bought some Bluebunny Yogurts and Weight Watcher Yogurts because they were cheaper than the Yoplait Light that I normally eat. I am a fan of the Yoplait light because of the minimal aftertaste and the flavors are generally pretty tasty. The Bluebunny/Weight Watcher ones are not! They leave a hanging aftertaste that is not good. I'm choking down the last of them, but they are not particularly tasty. I look at them everyday know I have to eat the and dreading choking it down.
My suggestion is to stick to Yoplait Light for an additional 10 calories you get way better flavor!

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  1. Yeah, some yogurts are just not worth it. I really enjoy the Silhouette 0+ yogurts, and my kiddos like them too (bonus!).