Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woodfire Grill 1-20-11

I ate at Woodfire Grill today for lunch in Davenport. Of course my first question was "do you have a gluten free menu?"  The hostess replied with "no, but my grandma is Celiac and when she comes here she just gets a burger without a bun." UGH!  I knew I could get that, I was hoping to avoid the burger without a bun, I can get that at McDonalds for $7 less.

I was seated and started to browse the menu. I thought there were many things I could have them "alter" to make them gluten free with minimal steps. I chose the Strawberry Spinach salad with Chicken. I had them leave off the Gorgonzola cheese since the Chef (yes my server asked for me) couldn't say if it was or not for sure, so I left it off. I of course made sure no croutons and my server  remembered w/o me even saying anything that a bread stick should not come with my salad. Good job Andy (that was his name). I had the raspberry vinaigrette put on the side.  The salad was AMAZING. It was $11 for the salad. It was worth every cent. I would order it again in a heartbeat.

They had several salads to choose from along with steaks, chicken, and seafood that could made gluten free with minimal work. I don't know that the staff was as well versed in gluten free as I would like them to be, but they did make a good effort and I did not get sick. I will definitely go back!

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