Friday, April 19, 2013

Ian's Chicken Nuggest

Chicken nuggets are my DS's favorite thing to order at any fast food place. Now with the recent onset of hives there will be next to NO fast food eaten by this child. It's just not worth it and quite frankly it's terrible for him anyway.

I did buy Ian's Chicken nuggets with the hopes that they would be similar enough to the ones he likes to suffice. Great news...he likes them! He said they are pretty good. Yeah! I tried one - it tastes like chicken mush on the inside, but the outside was crispy. They are NOT cheap. I got them on clearance at Target on a whim. The clearance price for the small box $4.68 -- there are 14 nuggets in the box. That seems high to me, but as with almost everything gluten free - it comes at a high cost, but it is worth it.

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