Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kind Bars - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Oh how I love Kind bars. I love many flavors and they just keep coming out with more that I cannot resist. This one is my new favorite - its the perfect combination of sweet and salty with only 5 grams of Sugar per bar, plus the protein from nuts in it to make it a great snack to get through the afternoon at work. I found my first one at Heritage Foods in Davenport, but found them cheaper at W. Kimberly Hyvee. Highly recommend...as if buying 5 of them at a time wasn't recommendation enough...I'd order them by the case if they wouldn't have so many tasty flavors that I want to buy. My current favorites are the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and the Fruit& Nut bar.


  1. Love these too! I bought fruit and nuts in yogurt And peanut butter/strawberry today at the store and I am stoked to try them both!

  2. I'd love to know how the strawberry one is - send me a message. I have had the sesame seed one too, its not bad after the first bite - its different for sure, but not bad.