Monday, November 1, 2010

Apple's Gluten Free Kitchen it's coming...

Apple's Gluten Free Kitchen is a bakery in Peoria, IL. They make all kinds of baked goodies and their founder says she is "confident you will be able to taste what you've been missing."

 I tried one of the Raspberry Muffins today and I tried it on the drive home from the store. I didn't actually make it home with any part of it left...I barely made it two blocks before it was gone. It was very tasty. It made me crave a cup of coffee.

I have a couple more items to try since they are bringing these fresh baked products to "my Hy-Vee" (W Kimberly) soon. I can't wait to try the "stuffing" yes -- they have real cubed bread for stuffing. I was also given  Poppyseed bread to try, but haven't done so yet, I think tomorrow with coffee that will be breakfast! So far I am impressed and cannot wait to have the products readily available. I got to read a "brochure" about all their products and they seem to have a great selection of items to try, they are even being served in New York, Chicago and St. Louis.

Check out their website to see all their products: Apple's

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