Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Turkey Time...

Did you know not all turkeys are created equally? Did you know some of them are injected with a basting solution that may contain gluten? It doesn't specifically say...which makes me want to scream, why can't they just tell me whats in that "natural" flavoring they add?

So today while shopping with my family I decide I'm going to try Apple's Bakery gluten free stuffing tomorrow inside a turkey. So I must find a turkey at my Hy-Vee (W Kimberly). I went back to the meat section and found them. I got the Hy-Vee Brand all natural Young Turkey - it says right on the package no artificial additives.

I wandered over to another section near the cheese that had another big freezer full of turkeys and it looked like every single one including the Butterball's that were in there had the tidbit on their labels saying it was injected with a basting solution. I read an article recently that said Butterball is now going to be putting "gluten free" on the turkeys to make sure we know which ones are safe. But until those turkeys are the only ones on the shelves you should check the turkey you buy to make sure it's safe.

Here is a link to an article on that gives you info on what turkeys are safe: Gluten Free TURKEYS. Good luck in your turkey hunt this holiday season. 

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