Monday, November 8, 2010

Jimmy John's

Freakishly Fast and Gluten Free Friendly (if you want to take a chance on cross contamination - it is a sub shop after all). They allow you to "unwich" any of their sandwiches which make it easy since BREAD is the key offender at their shop. So tasty!

 Love the #11 unwich and I can take off all kinds of high calorie things like mayo and cheese and add veggies and mustard instead which makes it about 200 calories and its filling. Give it a try at a local jimmy johns!! Just be sure to order your sandwich # as an unwich!! Oh, and they deliver!! Jimmy Johns -- you can customize any sandwich!

They also offer "kettle cooked" potato chips, but I'd check the BBQ ones to be sure of the ingredients before I bought them, I love the Jalapeno and Regular versions of the chips. I am also getting a big dill pickle today, but obviously skipping the cookies since they are not gluten free!

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