Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Biaggi's - dinner 8/17/10

Yes, I ate out twice yesterday. I had overall good experiences at both with the food I ordered. I love Biaggi's. Their staff is well informed on their gluten free menu, which has lots of delicious options. I have eaten there several times

Last night I ordered an appetizer of Tomato Caprese, Chicken Picante Pizza from the gluten free menu and an ice cream sundae from the regular menu without the crepe portion of the dish. I have ordered all these things previously so I knew I would not have any ill effects.

The Tomato Caprese is fantastic! It's several fresh tomato slices arranged on a plate with sliced red onions and fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese on top then all of that is topped with balsamic vinegar/olive oil. There are some yummy olives plated with the leaves of basil too. It's about $8, but you get a large portion.

The chicken picante pizza is great. Its spicy and cheesy and oh so yummy! The pizza has grilled chicken, picante sauce, green onions, goat cheese and regular cheese with a few crumbles of bacon. The crust is even tasty. It is a bit thin and can crumble if you don't have your hand under it, if you eat it with your hands. It only comes in one size which is small for $10.

The ice cream sundae I ordered was from the regular dessert menu. It was a scoop of ice cream in a dish with chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry sauce and a few fresh berries. It normally comes with a crepe dish, but I requested it be left off due to my gluten issues. The sundae was one scoop of ice cream - not a large scoop either and it cost $7, no I'm not kidding. It was tasty, but not $7 good!

I will continue to eat at Biaggi's because I love that I can go in and order from their gf menu and choose from a variety of things: appetizers, salad, pizza, entrees including PASTA! They also offer different kinds of fish and steak. It's a bit pricier than I like to pay for a normal meal, but its so good its worth the extra few bucks to be able to order with ease. They do have smaller portions and cheaper prices at lunch time, so if cost is a concern try them at lunch, you won't be disappointed!

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