Thursday, August 19, 2010

Udi's Bread

Oh Udi where have you been my whole gluten free existence?

I finally found a bread I like!! FINALLY! Plus I didn't have to bake it. Before I found Udi I had to bake my own bread because I could not stomach the spongy gross after taste that was left behind after trying the other breads on the shelf. They just weren't the same.

My local grocery store has a wonderful woman named, Theresa, she works in the Health Market and deals directly with all the gluten free products and vendors. She is very helpful in recommending products they have in stock that I might like. I saw her a few weeks ago and she recommended I try Udi's bread since she had heard from several customers it was good. I tried it too and I love it. I usually eat it toasted, but when its defrosted it is soft like normal bread. There is no after taste to this bread. It comes in two kinds: white and multi-grain. I have tried both and like both. It is about $5 a loaf depending on where you buy it.

I always keep a loaf on hand, even at work in the freezer I have an extra loaf. Check out there website they offer a $1 off coupon to try their bread. Udi's Gluten free bakery products

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