Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exotic Thai 8/30/10

I was excited to go here since I knew a lot of Thai food was naturally gluten free. I was seated with my spouse and a friend and given a menu. I had eaten here one other time when I was still able to eat gluten.
I had eaten drunken noodles they day before, so I knew they were safe. I wanted to try the Yum Noa salad, so I asked our Server if it was made with Soy Sauce she replied yes. I then asked if it could be made without it, she replied No. That was it - no offer to talk to the chef, nothing. Needless to say I was irritated by her completely disregard for my food allergy. My husband spoke up and said gluten and msg make her really sick, so she can't have anything with that on it. She still said No. I proceeded to order the Drunken Noodles again because I knew they were safe. The meal was fine and tasty, but I was not happy all day that they were not more cooperative to my needs. This was the least allergy friendly restaurant I have eaten at since I have gone gluten free. It could have been a language barrier, but I didn't get that vibe either.

I did go again on 8/31 and decided to try the Yum Noa salad and if I got sick then so be it. My friend went with me and she had previously asked and they said no, it doesn't have soy sauce in it. I ate the salad and did not get sick. We had the same ignorant waitress today as yesterday and I was not thrilled about it.

I would have to say the chances of cross contamination are probably sky high as everything is made in the same kitchen and I'm sure if the staff isn't aware of food allergies to the point they could ask a chef to leave something out then things like cross contamination aren't thought about.

Will I be back? Probably, the food was good, the experience if it weren't for the company would have soured me on the restaurant for life! If you want to check out the menu they have it on their site. Exotic Thai

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