Friday, August 20, 2010

Cereal Vit brand Benevit Cereal

I tried this cereal because a coworker brought me some (Thanks Patti). The Cereal Vit brand is not one I had seen in the stores before, but I had tried buckwheat flake cereal before and enjoyed it. This cereal is not sweet. Its a combo of rice and buckwheat flakes. It's a little bland, but I used Vanilla flavored almond milk on it and it was wonderful. The milk added enough sweetness for it to feel like I was eating "real" cereal not a healthy version. It has a good crunch to it even after being in milk.

The company itself offers a form to give to a local grocer for them to use to order the products. I plan to get the form to my local HyVee girl to see if she can get it ordered for the West Kimberly Store.
To get the cereal into your own stores/homes. follow the link for complete instructions and forms:

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