Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Joe's

Happy Joe's has come around, they now have gluten free pizza crusts! Yeah! I have tried all the Happy Joe's Restaurants in Davenport and they all have the crusts. I have also had it delivered. You can get several different kinds of pizza on the gluten free crust. The staff is well versed in which pizzas can be ordered on the gluten free crusts. It's become a popular item, so I suggest calling before you go to get a gluten free pizza because they have been out of stock more than once when I have had a pizza craving. The Taco Pizza and Combo pizzas are my favorite and both are AWESOME on the gluten free crust.
The pizza crusts only come in smalls, so if you are feeding more than one gluten free person, you might need more than one pizza. They are about $12 each. So -- stop by Happy Joe's soon and have a gluten free pizza, you won't be disappointed! Check out their menu online Happy Joe's


  1. I thought they used the Nacho cheese doritoes on the taco pizza which are not safe to eat. Do they use a different kind to make it Gluten Free?

  2. No, they use their own brand of corn chips, they can be purchased at the grocery store. I can say they most likely have MSG in them. If you are sensitive to that I would look. They will tell you if you ask which ones are not safe to eat if you request a gluten free crust.