Friday, August 20, 2010

Incredible Pizza 8/20

We went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate my son's first day of Kindergarten. I was a little apprehensive due to the high probability of cross contamination. Incredible Pizza has no items they specify as gluten free, but I was able to eat and felt fine after. I had tacos from their Mexican bar. I used taco shells, meat, cheese, jalapenos and tomatoes. I also got a salad from their salad bar and used lite Italian dressing without issues.

We went and played more games after eating and I felt fine. At the end we got ice cream and had I listened to my brain when I hesitated to put the M&M's on my ice cream I would have been fine. I momentarily noted in my head that the M&M's were probably cross contaminated being surrounded by all the cookie bits and stuff to top the ice cream with, but no I dumped some on and ate it anyway. I got sick. Not horribly sick, but sick nonetheless. I know it was from that.

So - while I did find some lunch options that were tolerated well, I would eat there again with extreme caution. It's a buffet so cross contamination can occur without even realizing it. The staff is not really over seeing the buffet much, so its really a test of faith to eat here for the gluten free followers.

Will we go back? Yes, it was lots of fun and my family had a ball. They also offer options to play without paying for the buffet, so you could eat before going to play the games. Overall a fun place to play, but Celiacs and GI sufferers should be very cautious. Here is a link to their site :

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  1. Incredible Pizza will make you a gluten free pizza separate from the other foods they prepare. I've eaten it four times now and have never gotten sick. In fact for $5 a pizza. I had them make me four more that I now have in my freezer! However I have gotten sick with their other foods on the buffet. I can eat a salad there but I always bring my own dressing!