Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pure Silk Almond Milk

I tried Pure Silk Vanilla Almond Milk for the first time today. WOW! That is my reaction. It's sweet. It does not taste like regular milk, it tastes like cereal milk. The kind that has hint of sweetness after you eat all the cereal and have the milk left over to drink. I am shocked to find it only has 90 calories per serving. It's yummy and healthy! I'm told the plain Almond Milk has 60 calories per serving.

It only comes in 1/2 gallon cardboard containers with a little plastic lidded spout. It was $2.89 at my local grocery store and found in the same section as the Cow's Milk. I'm sure it can be found in health food sections too. It is also lactose free for those who suffer from Lactose Intolerance. It does contain nuts, since its made from Almonds.

If you go to their website you can sign up and get a coupon for $.75 off. Try it out, you won't be disappointed. Try Almond Milk

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