Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Robin 8/18/10

I love Red Robin! They have a great family atmosphere and offer a decent gluten free menu for both adults and kids. The prices are a little on the "higher" side of the spectrum for a burger and fries, but if you leave there hungry its your own fault.

The staff is very well versed in gluten free. When you are greeted at the door let the Hostess know you need a gluten free menu, they print you out one, which you may keep if you like (I never do). They offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads and entrees all without gluten. They even give you unlimited french fries from a designated fryer without their special "salt". Just tell the server you would like "no salt" fries. The burgers and sandwiches can be made into lettuce wraps if you want or they can be brought out just on a plate without the bun. They specifically tell you on the gf menu what you cannot have as far as specifics on certain dishes and salad dressings. Check out this link for thier gluten free menu

Red Robin was my first choice to eat out at after I became gluten free over a year ago, and we have been there many times because they seem to always get it right for me! The servers do a great job and are very attentive. We have had management stop by several times just to be sure we were well taken care of, that means a lot when you have a food allergy. The server always puts at least 3 *Allergy ALERT* notations on my order and it shows up on the bill, which makes me feel better about the kitchen staff knowing they have to be mindful of the food order.

Red Robin is definitely family and gluten free friendly, try it soon!

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