Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Udi's Double Chocolate Muffins

I can describe these muffins in one word. Heaven. They are moist and tasty. They do not have a "gluten free' taste to them. They taste like a bakery muffin. I eat mine with a glass of milk and was very satisfied. I ate one for breakfast and felt full. I can't wait to try another flavor. The downside is there are only 4 muffins in the package. The price is a bit steep, but since its like a bakery muffin, if I think about it in that mindset the price is right on with a bakery. I got a package at Hy-Vee on West Kimberly for about $5. They are found in their fabulous gluten free freezer section where they offer many Udi's products.

If you go to Udi's website and sign up for their newsletter you can get a $1 off coupon. They do offer the ability to order from them directly and they offer the ability to order in BULK if you have the storage capabilities. Check it out  Udi's

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