Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better than Bouillon soup bases

These products are awesome! I have used the Chicken and Beef base since I couldn't use the regular bouillon I used previously in my cooking. I have used almost a entire jar of each flavor. I use the chicken base any time I need to use chicken broth I just add water. The jar provides excellent instructions.

 I love using the beef base in with roast. I dissolve it in water and then put the roast in the crock pot along with minced onion, salt and pepper. Let the roast cook for 8-10 hours and its PERFECT! We just had it the other night it was the best roast ever (my first time using the base for this purpose). My husband could not get over how tasty the roast was and moist. So tonight for dinner I made "shit on a shingle" or chipped beef gravy with left over roast; I again used the better than bouillon as my "broth" since our milk was a little "iffy". Mixed it in and made it like gravy with melted butter, cornstarch, salt/pepper and roast beef pieces. I served mine over Schar pasta, my family ate theirs over was fantastic!

The bases can be found in the Hy-Vee Health Markets for about $5 a jar, it has to be kept refrigerated and is worth every cent.

Superior Touch is the company that makes them - check out their website for all the flavors they offer for the bases.

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