Sunday, October 10, 2010


We enjoyed the warm evening today by grilling some Kabobs for dinner. They are completely gluten free, they are a lot of work, but they are soooo good!! My brother-in-law gave us the recipe for the marinade, its easy and we always have everything on hand.

We put the marinade into gallon plastic bags and then put the meat in those bags to sit for about 15 minutes while the grill heats up. We use chicken and shrimp. Don't put the shrimp in the bag yet, there is lemon juice in the marinade and it starts to cook the shrimp. We add onions and bell peppers to the kabobs along with half cooked bacon (it finishes cooking on the grill).

We use the wood skewers (make sure you soak them in water). The most time consuming part of the kabobs is the assembly process. It takes us about 15 minutes to make several with two of us working together on it.

Check out the recipe here: kabobs - we use chicken & shrimp both

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