Tuesday, October 19, 2010

O'Melia's Supper Club 10/19/10

Tonight was the QC Celiac Group's dinner at O'Melia's Supper Club in Rock Island, IL - it was fantastic! They made a huge effort to make it gluten free for all of us by making sure all the kitchen appliances and areas were sanitized so that our foods weren't cross contaminated, it was appreciated by all of us!!

They gave us a full meal for a reasonable price. The service was good. The food was tasty and to be with other people who suffer from foods like I do is priceless!! The meal they prepared is something I haven't had in a long time - true fried foods, not just french fries - but real fried food. They prepared fried chicken, fried cat fish, french fries, mashed potatoes, Italian wedding style soup and finished off the entire meal with Chocolate Mousse. Everything was tasty. The fried foods were great. The soup was amazing with pasta, meatballs and veggies. The dessert was so good that as I sit here watching Biggest Loser with my belly hanging over my pants a bit, I want another serving of that Mousse, so rich and smooth!

The Chef said they are working on getting a separate fryer and keeping it away from the other fryers so they can offer the fried gluten free foods on the menu permanently, they are not quite there yet. They do offer other items on their menu that are gluten free and are very accommodating to gluten free dining. If you have the chance to call ahead that gives them even more time to prepare for a gluten free guest. 

I will definitely be back to O'Melia's! It is located in Rock Island at 2900 Blackhawk Rd.  A big Thanks to the Staff at O'Melia's as well as Becky Wentworth, the leader of the QC Celiac Group #79 for organizing and making this delicious meal a success!

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