Friday, October 8, 2010

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Scratch!!

I love Chocolate Chip cookies. I love the dough. I love the chocolate chips. I love everything about a chocolate chip cookie...except the gluten. When I was a kid my Aunt Deanna used to make fabulous cookie bars from scratch, they were one of the first foods I looked for at cookouts or family reunions. So good!

 I was putzing around on the Internet the other day and came across a recipe from Alton Brown, a Food Network Chef, that had created a gluten free cookie recipe. He uses a scale to measure things...there are estimates on the recipe. I used the estimates because I am lazy on a time crunch most of the time.

It is an easy recipe to follow. I did not have a kitchen aid mixer so I used my hand mixer, it worked fine. I did not refrigerate the dough. I spread it out in a jelly roll pan and made cookie bars. I had to cook them 19 minutes instead of 14 like cookie recipe calls. My house smelled so good, I couldn't wait to try them. I was able to hold off about 4 minutes after they came out of the oven. My mouth was watering just waiting to try these cookie bars.

My hubby happened to be home as I juggled hot cookie bar in my mouth and tried to tell him they were good. He asked for a bite...I gave him a tiny one :) I asked what he thought he said they were good up until they burnt his taste buds off.  They were very very crumbly but they were still PIPING hot.

I let them cool for about 20 more minutes and tried another one, they had firmed up significantly, but not hard. They were so good. They have a gritty after thought to them, I don't know how to put it into words other than to say gritty. They are fantastic. My son and three gluten eating friends stopped by and took some home, they all loved them. They are so easy I will definitely make them again. They taste very close to my aunts, so close I am sure she would approve. I don't need the extra pounds these cookie bars are sure to add, but its so worth it to find an awesome gluten free cookie. that I have rambled on and on about these bars here is the recipe:  Chocolate Chip Heaven

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