Sunday, October 17, 2010

Popcorn, Indiana

Let me just start by saying, mmmmmmmmmmmm! This popcorn is GOOD! We got the Original Movie Theater Popcorn, and it tastes like the real thing. It's salty and hard to stop eating after the first handful. I find I even shovel it in by the handful just like at the movie, as if eating a kernel at a time just isn't the way it should be eaten. It can be found in the Health Market at "my" Hy-Vee (W Kimberly) and at a few other stores in the "chip" isle. It comes in a potato chip style bag. It's worth every penny. Even my gluten eating family enjoys it. So pick some up for your next dinner movie night.  They have a variety of choices check out their website here (The pic of the bag is from their site).

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