Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Martha...

I am not a fan of Martha Stewart. I find her magazines to be kind of stuffy and I never really found anything that I needed to make that was "creative" and decorative for a dinner table. If people don't like my plates and forks with my uber fancy mardi gras paper napkins, well then don't eat with us.  I do not have vases of fresh flowers at my house, I cannot promise my dog wouldn't knock it off the table and eat the petals, so I don't bother.
Today my friend/coworker, Patti came over to visit me in the "dungeon" and brought with her a piece of chocolate cake. The cake was moist and dark chocolate brown with white creamy frosting. She told me she wasn't sure if she liked it, but since she ate 1/2 the pan, she must like it. I had to agree with her. It is good. I cannot explain why it is good, but I could not stop eating it. It is the hardest cake to describe. It's not too sweet or too chocolaty, it's just good.  I think it would have been even better refrigerated. I was quite surprised to see on the copy she recieved from her friend that it was from Martha Stewart's website.
I will definitely be making it myself sometime, if you are wanting a good from scratch cake, give it a try. Find the recipe here.

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