Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Famous Dave's

I went to Famous Dave's with my family. I have eaten there since going GF and have gotten sick every time. This time I was going to make an effort to eat gluten free. When we were seated I asked if they had gluten free options and was told yes, they'd get me the "book". I got a look on my face as I grinned at my husband who was a little surprised they had options.

 When the server returned with the "book" I was immediately disappointed, it wasn't a gluten free option it was literally a book of all the food ingredients in all the foods they offered. I thought I could work with it and I started to peruse it. I was quickly brought out of my gluten free illusion by the fact that everything had wheat and soy in it and many things had MSG in them. I was bummed. If I was going to eat and not get sick that would mean I couldn't have anything with MSG (because that effects me like gluten) or wheat, which left me with the option of a salad without meat or sauce and a baked potato not the "loaded" version.

I chose to order what I wanted and paid dearly for it. While I appreciate the attempt. I know the possibility of cross contamination is very high due to everything containing barbeque sauce, wheat or MSG. I hope the attempt will be put more into practice to offer a few items to those people who suffer, but at this time if I were wanting to make sure I did not get sick from my gluten intolerance I would not go to this restaurant the options are beyond limited and the temptation to eat whatever you want is off the charts. In Davenport you can walk next door to Carlos O'Kelly where they do offer a large selection of gluten free options and not get sick.

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