Monday, September 13, 2010

Gluten Free Tasting at Hy-Vee West Kimbelry

I was thrilled that the gluten free tasting fell during a time when I was off work. I was even more excited to get to try new products!! My go to gal, Teresa, was there manning the tables when we arrived shortly after the tasting began. As always she was very pleasant and helpful and giving me great information on which products to try. 

They had Pop Crickle a new popcorn product out with 4 different kinds to try, all of them were tasty. I really liked the Sweet Heat and the Triple Crunch. They were very affordable at $2.89 a bag. I bought two bags. Pop Crickle

 I also got to try Pop Chips. Teresa opened a bag of the Salt and Pepper flavored ones. I liked the flavor, but I was expect more of a chip. It was so light and airy it was nothing like a chip and more like a crisp. Texturally I am not a fan of Pop Chips, but you should try them because they offer a healthier version to potato chips and they offer lots of flavor choices. Pop Chips

I also tried RiceWorks Chips which I already know I loved! They are made from brown rice and are delicious and addictive. I also tried a couple kinds of granola made by Gluten Free Sensations it was very tasty and would be fantastic on yogurt.

The tasting was a great opportunity for me to visit with my gluten free guru's at Hy-Vee and try new products they are putting on their shelves as well as stocking up on my favorites. They offered 10% off Health Market Products purchased today too.  I will be sure to post the next gluten free tasting. Today's fit perfectly into the calendar since today is Celiac Awareness Day.

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