Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow, I felt so welcomed...

I went to the QC Celiac's Group meeting last night at Genesis West. I was immediately impressed that there were lots of people there. Several people started talking to me right away and asking questions, it was great.
There was a table of gluten free goodies to try and the recipes to take if you liked it. My favorite was a pumpkin cake, it was so tasty and I was thrilled that everything on the table did not TASTE  gluten free.

Becky, the leader, was very nice and full of information.  I love that the meeting has an informal feel to it, but is led by Becky, she was happy to have questions/answers from the people that attended.

The meeting lasted about an hour and half. I even "won" a bag of Bob's Red Mill Quick Oats at the end of the meeting. I left with several recipes and informational brochures.

It felt great to be surrounded by people who know what it's like and have been where I have been with my body's battle against gluten. I told my husband when I got home, I felt like I finally found somewhere I belong, with people who understand why I cannot have the goodies at Thanksgiving and who understand why I'm so paranoid to eat out at restaurants.

I cannot wait to go to the next event, which I will be posting information as I get it on here for those like me who just need to be surrounded by others who understand how difficult it is to find a good place to eat with food that is safe and tasty.

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