Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heinz Gluten Free Products

Who knew that Heinz offers more gluten free products other than those that are naturally gluten free. I was very excited at the QC Celiac meeting to learn that Heinz has a whole list on their site that tells you all of their products that are gluten free and what country it pertains to. I was excited to find that a few of the SmartOnes frozen meals are gluten free. I use frozen meals a lot at work because its easier and cheaper than eating out every day. So check out their site and see if you too can find gluten free things to help make your day a little bit easier.
I did pick up a couple of the Smart Ones I had remembered were gluten free from the meeting, but I'm sure to pick up a couple more since there are a handful on the list.

A link to their gluten free product list can be found by clicking Heinz at any time in this blog.

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